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Truckies get Medical Attention on the Road

Fatigue left unchecked can lead to a number of problems and even ill health. Now truck drivers who spend most of their time on the road long distance driving have the opportunity of getting medical attention on the road. Basically

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Truckie’s Fatigue ends in Death

The consequences of ignoring the signs of fatigue have been demonstrated once again when a courier truck driver took his eyes off the road for just a few seconds and slammed into a stationery motorist and tow truck driver assisting

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New Driver Fatigue Management Laws

Truckies all over Oz should by now be aware of the new driver fatigue management laws that have come into effect a few months ago. As of 10 February this year, the Heavy Vehicle National Law 2012 has come into

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Your Health Could be suffering because of Fatigue

Although many experienced truck drivers may have become accustomed to driving while fatigued, despite how dangerous and illegal this may be, they probably don’t even realise that they are doing damage to their long term health. While we can all

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Fatigue Management Tips: Getting Through Nightshifts

For truckies one of the worst aspects of the job can be staying awake and alert during night shifts. In addition to struggling with staying awake, research shows that that there are significant health and safety issues associated with shift

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Recognising the Difference between Fatigue and Tiredness

I often hear people use the words fatigue and tired interchangeably but the truth is there is a difference between the 2. Instead of using the word fatigue as a synonym for tiredness, it is important that we recognise and

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Pinpointing the Source of Fatigue

One of the crucial steps in dealing with the problem of fatigue amongst anyone, not just those involved in road freight and long distance driving, after identifying fatigue as an issue is pinpointing the source. For different people the problem

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Fatigue Management Inspected during Operation Logan

The recent police and RMS operation Logan held in NSW included fatigue management inspections. According to the NSW Police Traffic and Highway Patrol, the 3 day joint operation between themselves and The Roads and Maritime Service may have concluded but

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Getting enough sleep but still suffering with Fatigue?

A common problem that I often hear people complain about is being constantly tired despite having slept an entire 8 hours a night and/or napping during the day. In fact this is the number one issue driving people from all

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Examining whether Caffeine is a Tool to Fight Fatigue?

As truck drivers (and in fact any driver that has driven long distance) we have all used caffeine at some time or the other to stay awake. Yes caffeine does give you that burst of energy when you begin to

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