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Recognising the Difference between Fatigue and Tiredness

I often hear people use the words fatigue and tired interchangeably but the truth is there is a difference between the 2. Instead of using the word fatigue as a synonym for tiredness, it is important that we recognise and

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Pinpointing the Source of Fatigue

One of the crucial steps in dealing with the problem of fatigue amongst anyone, not just those involved in road freight and long distance driving, after identifying fatigue as an issue is pinpointing the source. For different people the problem

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Fatigue Management Inspected during Operation Logan

The recent police and RMS operation Logan held in NSW included fatigue management inspections. According to the NSW Police Traffic and Highway Patrol, the 3 day joint operation between themselves and The Roads and Maritime Service may have concluded but

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Getting enough sleep but still suffering with Fatigue?

A common problem that I often hear people complain about is being constantly tired despite having slept an entire 8 hours a night and/or napping during the day. In fact this is the number one issue driving people from all

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Examining whether Caffeine is a Tool to Fight Fatigue?

As truck drivers (and in fact any driver that has driven long distance) we have all used caffeine at some time or the other to stay awake. Yes caffeine does give you that burst of energy when you begin to

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Company Shut Down because of Fatigued Driver Crash

An accident which happened on an American highway in January is an example of the consequences for driving while fatigued. One truck driver has lost his job and his employer has been shut down for safety violations stemming from the

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Benefits of Managing Workplace Fatigue

Although Fatigue Management plays an important role in the Road Freight Industry, the benefits of managing workplace fatigue apply to any business in any industry. Anyone can therefore benefit from the effects of properly managing fatigue especially at work and

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Newcastle Bid to Overcome Fatigued Driving

The state government has planned to introduce a trial of a new method to reduce fatigued driving on the Newell Highway near Narrabri. The new initiative will help drivers determine in advance whether there is parking available for them at

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New Medical Technology offers Clues in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Fatigue and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in particular seems to be becoming a more serious issue especially as modern society demands we work longer and longer hours and survive on less and less sleep and rest. Add to that the bad

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New Fatigue Management Screen helps Transport Companies Comply with Law

A new fatigue management screen has been launched which helps operators and drivers comply with the new Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL). The screen launched by Trimble Transport and Logistics ANZ aims to help members of the road transport industry

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