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Benefits of Managing Workplace Fatigue

Although Fatigue Management plays an important role in the Road Freight Industry, the benefits of managing workplace fatigue apply to any business in any industry. Anyone can therefore benefit from the effects of properly managing fatigue especially at work and

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Newcastle Bid to Overcome Fatigued Driving

The state government has planned to introduce a trial of a new method to reduce fatigued driving on the Newell Highway near Narrabri. The new initiative will help drivers determine in advance whether there is parking available for them at

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New Medical Technology offers Clues in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Fatigue and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in particular seems to be becoming a more serious issue especially as modern society demands we work longer and longer hours and survive on less and less sleep and rest. Add to that the bad

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Fatigue’s Effect on Blood Pressure increased during Strenuous Work

While the negative effects of fatigue on safety are fairly obvious there are also more long term effects that can wreak havoc on a person’s health and wellbeing which sometimes only take a backseat to the more immediate effects such

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Importance of Managing Fatigue if your work Long hours or Shifts

Importance of Managing Fatigue if your work Long hours or Shifts A recent case of firefighters working on the Morwell mine fire has highlighted how dangerous it can be to work long hours and just how easily fatigue can creep

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New Report Shows Psychosocial Hazards Need Equal Attention in Workplaces

The Performance Benchmarking of Australian Business Regulation: Occupational Health and Safety report released by the Australian Government has found that psychosocial hazards are given less attention that physical hazards by OHS inspectors and in OHS legislation. The types of psychosocial

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Fatigue a Leading Cause of Workplace Accidents

The effects of fatigue can be devastating and the worse thing is that you may be suffering and not even understand the ways that fatigue is affecting you. Fatigue and feeling sleepy are the principal causes of both workplace and

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Preventing Fatigue in the Workplace

Fatigue can have catastrophic consequences in the workplace if it is not addressed and as with anything it is much better and easier to prevent fatigue that to treat it in workers after it has occurred. WorkCover NSW has a

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How to set up a fatigue risk management system in your workplace

It is not only in the best interest of every workplace to manage fatigue but it is also a requirement under the Work Health and Safety legislation to ensure that the health and welfare of workers is looked after. What

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