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New Fatigue Management Screen helps Transport Companies Comply with Law

A new fatigue management screen has been launched which helps operators and drivers comply with the new Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL). The screen launched by Trimble Transport and Logistics ANZ aims to help members of the road transport industry

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Driver Fatigue Breakthrough

Researchers at The University of Sydney have discovered that drinking caffeinated drinks could have a positive effect on commercial drivers, helping them to stay awake during long journeys, thereby improving road safety. Although caffeine’s benefit in fatigue management has been

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Useful Fatigue Information for Managers and Loading Staff

It is essential that it is not just left up to drivers top manage their own fatigue within the freight industry. In fact the laws require that everyone that has a responsibility within a supply chain ensures that they do

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Fatigue Management Strategies to Keep Drivers Safe

We have all read a wealth of information that points to the hazards of fatigue especially in the workplace. Workers are at risk when they are fatigued for any number of reasons and it is the responsibility of employers to

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What Causes Driver Fatigue

There is not one thing that actually causes fatigue and it is usually a number of contributing factors to driver fatigue. People generally need between seven and eight hours of continuous sleep every night to ensure that they are well

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