Date PostedJune 5, 2014

Benefits of Managing Workplace Fatigue

Although Fatigue Management plays an important role in the Road Freight Industry, the benefits of managing workplace fatigue apply to any business in any industry.

Anyone can therefore benefit from the effects of properly managing fatigue especially at work and organisations that recognise this and provide Fatigue Management training to their employees are also investing in the improvement of productivity and ultimately the company’s bottom line.

Obviously the first step in educating staff on fatigue management begins with training. If staff aren’t aware of how to effectively manage fatigue, chances are they will be more likely to suffer from fatigue on the job and most often their work standards suffer the most.

Training is easy, convenient to complete and will save your business more financially than it costs to sign up for the course.

In addition to providing workers with fatigue management training, it is also useful for companies to conduct ongoing training and workshops for staff regarding fatigue management. They should also implement the necessary control measures to manage this hazard should it be a factor.

Some of the benefits of effective fatigue management include:

  • One of the most important benefits is that proper fatigue management can lower the rate of accidents that occur by positively impacting the rate of human error and reducing it.
  • It also increases the rate of productivity in several ways. Workers are healthier and happier, resulting in less time off work. Also with fewer accidents, workers are more productive and spend less time off the job.
  • Effective fatigue management can decrease the cost of general maintenance in terms of human resources. It lowers absenteeism and staff turnover.

Ultimately helping workers, regardless of their position, avoid lifestyle diseases associated with fatigue and stress positively impacts every facet of a business. By helping employees enjoy better health and fitness, businesses are ensuring they work more consistently and effectively and improve the company’s productivity levels. They will also benefit in their personal lives by being healthier and less fatigued.

Effective fatigue management will also help employees improve their ability to concentrate on the task being undertaken, whether it be driving a truck or loading the vehicle, therefor contributing to the company’s further growth and development.

For example shift work can be extremely gruelling especially for truckies who spend most of their time alone on the road. And with the demands on drivers increasing every year, as the demand for supplies and populations grows shift work is on the increase and so is fatigue, so these workers are particularly at risk

If employees are displaying a high level of fatigue or if they undertake a job which has been identified as high risk in terms of fatigue such as long distance driving, it is important that employers address this hazard head-on in order to ensure the continued prosperity or smooth running of the company.

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