BFM Accreditation Now Available Online

Needing a simple way to provide your employees with BFM Accreditation? You’ve found it!
What is BFM Accreditation?
BFM stands for Basic Fatigue Management and it is the process that all businesses across Australia need to utilize to ensure their heavy vehicle drivers are not endangering their own and other people’s lives by fatigue.

Managing fatigue may seem basic but now with the changes to legislation around the Chain of Responsibility (CoR), many more employees who do work related to heavy vehicle driving are responsible for ensuring the fatigue management program is working.

The new information can be a lot to get your head around. Our course clearly outlines the changes in an engaging and interactive format for maximum retention.

It’s not enough just to know about the updated legislation. Once you know the theory, the next step is to implement it to ensure knowledge transfers to the workplace effectively.

That’s why our program is one of the best available. We cover all theoretical aspects and require students to demonstrate practical skills in applying the knowledge in the workplace.

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