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Outlining the Primary Duty of Care

A duty of care is a legal obligation that means that a reasonable standard of care needs to be adhered to whilst any actions are undertaken that may potentially cause harm. WorkSafe in the Northern Territory have released a safety

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Fatigue Reform in the US in Ongoing Debate

Fatigue is on the mind of all people involved with supply chains because everyone has a strong responsibility to ensure that they do not cause any breaches of the law. Fatigue is a difficult issue and research is still investigating

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A Workplace Quit Smoking Program in Queensland

If you have workers that are struggling to give up smoking and your workplace is located in Queensland you can take part in the Workplace Quit Smoking Program (WQSP) that is free and means that businesses can offer support to

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Is a Lack of Vitamin D Making You Tired?

Is a Lack of Vitamin D Making You Tired? Statistics are starting to indicate that many Australians are deficient in the essential Vitamin D and the numbers could be at a quarter of the entire population. So it is worth

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Study Concludes That Caffeine Helps Avoid Road Accidents

The number of heavy vehicle accidents that pepper Australian roads is of concern to the heavy road freight industry and in particular the number of fatalities as a result. Fatigue is seen as a contributing factor and much time and

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Bill Introduced to Address Workplace Bullying

On the 16th March Bill Shorten, the Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, announced that the a new bill will be introduced to the House of Representatives to enable victims of bullying to go to Fair Work Australia. The announcement

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The Effects of Fatigue on Workers Performance

Fatigue can be a killer, literally which is why the Australian authorities have not only undertake research with a number of different bodies to discover the real effects of fatigue but have also regulated to protect workers from unfair demands

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St John’s Research Shows 87% Businesses Have Proper First Aid Training

St Johns have released the results of their new research in a press release that shows that millions of workers may be at risk because only 13 per cent of workplaces in Australia know the procedures for ensuring that their

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ATA Calls for Sleeper Cab Air Conditioners to be Exempt From Fuel Tax

The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) has formulated a submission for the Australian Tax Office calling for fuel tax credits for auxiliary equipment that is installed in trucks and trailers such as refrigeration units and cement mixers. Stuart St Clair, the

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Fatigue Management Conferences to be Held by NSCA

The National Safety Council of Australia will be holding conferences in both Sydney and Brisbane to look at the issues around fatigue management. In Sydney the conference will be held on the 18th to 19th March and in Brisbane on

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