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National Survey Reveals That 20% of Australians Suffer From Fatigue

The Sleep Health Foundation has published the results from its recently conducted national survey that found approximately 20 per cent of Australians are living with ongoing exhaustion and fatigue simply because they are not getting sufficient sleep on a regular

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The Role of a Good Diet in Fatigue Management

Many experts swear by the potential of a good diet to help people maintain their energy levels and fight fatigue. While the entire body’s health and normal functioning is benefited by a healthy, well-balanced diet in this post we look

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Need for Basic Fatigue Management

It is alleged that one third of all road crashes in Oz are caused by drivers that are so tired that they fell asleep on the wheel. A video on Seven News examines the impact that driver fatigue has on

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Fatigue Management Update: Combating Sleep Apnoea

What exactly is Sleep Apnoea and what role does it play in Fatigue Management? This is a question that is best answered by understanding what causes sleep apnoea and how it has been linked to fatigue in a lot of

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Driver Fatigue Breakthrough

Researchers at The University of Sydney have discovered that drinking caffeinated drinks could have a positive effect on commercial drivers, helping them to stay awake during long journeys, thereby improving road safety. Although caffeine’s benefit in fatigue management has been

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The Dangers of Heat Stress

Even though the weather is getting cooler in some parts of Australia many areas are still subject to temperatures that can cause heat stress in workers. Besides, workers that are indoors in hot environments can also suffer heat stress so

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Managing Noise to Prevent Injury

Noise can cause short and long time injuries and it can often be neglected when planning is made. Long-term exposure to noise can create permanent damage but so can short term exposure to extreme levels of harmful noise. Any person

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Uncomfortable Sleep Dangerous for Commercial Drivers

Fatigue can be caused by a number of reasons such as sleep apnoea, medical conditions, insomnia, stress, restless leg syndrome, narcolepsy and even bad quality sleep as a recent alert by WorkSafe WA has highlighted. Fatigue came under the spotlight

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Reporting on Workers Comp Mental Stress Claims

For the first time Safe Work Australia has released a report that looks at mental stress that is work related on its own. The data that is used for the report is from workers that are covered by the countries

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Draft ‘Managing the Risk of Fatigue at Work Guide’ Released

Fatigue is a serious issue in all workplaces because of the potentially serious consequences that can arise from workers suffering from fatigue. In particular fatigue is an issue where workers such as long haul truck drivers are subjected to dangerous

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